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It has red colored and symmetrical cones at the bottom, and the leaves come out of the shoot in pairs like many pine species.
Its shiny, light brown cones have a slender short spine in the middle, and the leaves are dark green and stinging.
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ecoDrone will take off for you and create new life potentials by carrying 5 seed balls to nature.
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Type of Seed
Shooting Location
Muğla, Türkiye
Shooting Date
05 October - 10 December 2024
Ayşe, a rural woman who is exposed to income inequality due to the climate crisis, will produce the seed ball.
Thank you for contributing to reducing economic inequalities by creating a sustainable income source for these rural women.
We will send the progress about your seed ball that will meet the soil with ecoDrone to your e-mail address.
What is ecoDrone?
ecoDrones are unmanned aerial vehicles that support afforestation and biodiversity studies by shooting seeds and seed balls primarily in hard-to-reach areas against the global climate crisis.
What is seed ball?
Seed balls are formed as a result of covering a seed with a mixture of clay, humus soil and various minerals for seed fertility. In this way, it is aimed to protect the seeds from external factors such as extreme cold, heat, wind, and the eating of the seeds by forest creatures during the period until their germination in nature with minimal intervention to the soil.
How to produce seed ball?
ecording produces seed balls shot with ecoDrones primarily with women living in rural areas and negatively affected by the climate crisis economically and sociologically. ecording creates a sustainable source of income for women and combats the global climate crisis together as one of its business models.
You can continue to be a part of the solution in tackling the global climate crisis:
Download ecordingApp, transform your habits with the power of empathy and love!
A greener and more livable future #possibletogether
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Dear ,
This time, ecoDrone will take off for you and carry 5 seed ball to nature to strengthen the fight against the global climate crisis.

Thank you for standing with us!
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